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Henry 8K Ultra You Tube Demo as Requested "CLICK HERE"

The Best of the Best

Henry 8K ultra Amplifier Serial # 65-445
This is the very last Henry 8K Produced

Inside the Rf Deck of a 8K Ultra Eimac 3cx3000A7
This was the very LAST 8K Ultra ever made

Bottom side of RF Deck 8K Ultra
No cheap parts here !!

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Built in Bird Metering - 5000 and 500 watts
Henry use Bird slugs for Forward and reverse Metering

Inside the Power Supply -- Nothing Light Weight
All Big Heavy Duty Henry Radio Parts

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How Big is the Remote Unit ------- 350 lbs
Henry 8K Ultra --- Big amp ......Big Plugs.....

                                   Info on the Henry 8K Ultra
The Henry 8K ultra is the heaviest duty amp of them all, no others compare:

The amp weighs 350 lbs:

Plate voltage is 5800 volts unkeyed.~5500 Volts relay closed.

Plate transformer rated 1 amp continous, 2 amp intermitent.

The control Head measure plate current, Plate volts, Grid current, Filament voltage. 5000 watts forward power, 500 watts reflected power.

The amp is tuned remotely with the control head which is pictured here, the rf/power supply can be used 100ft away from the amp.The cable supplied with this amp is only the standard 20 ft control cable.

The amp covers almost all frequecies 1.8 to 30 mhz.

Tune up is easy and straight forward, tune for max out put.

The amp uses a 3cx3000 A7 for the final tube. When you look in the amp, the components are larger and heavier than any Amp I have ever seen, These are big components, BIG and HEAVY DUTY. 350 lbs worth.

DRIVE: OUTPUT: Meter Coaxial Dymanic

100 w ~2000 Carrier about  200 W in = ~4000 Carrier more in more out.


ALL, I stress ALL components must be able to handle the output, even to a dummy load like I have done testing it.

Antenna switches, coax, antenna, must be able to handle the power you plan to use>

Amp needs a 230 volt source rated 50 amp minimum.


The amp can run 24/7 at 1500 watts out put, The blower is loud, but since it is remote, I can't hear it, but have heard some Dentrons almost as loud>

Why buy an amp that can run much power than you can use ? Why have an amp that is capable of being used for commercial needs ?

Don't buy it to run all the power, but if you have to have the best, than there is no finer amp ever made or that even come close.

The very last Henry 8k Ultra was made after the factory closed on 12/31/2004, it was shipped March 2005, serial number 65-445. Over the years Henry made improvements to their line of amplifiers. These amps were made from 1991 until this one in 2005. The control head pictured is  65-445, The last Henry 8k has no presets, it just reads output in average the last Henry 8k Ultra for Sale ? "Henry 8K Ultra For Sale"   Sure first $12K can and must carry it home.....
Hope you enjoy seeing one the really great amp ever made........
Please read: Price is firm:  The amp is located in my basement, YOU must remove it, I don't have any shipping containers, you can bring cash, or let the check clear with my bank, once funds are clear, you and your friends can carry it home. Its Heavy, 350 lbs. No Shipping.......Will demo......

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